Willam is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She didn’t get into college, but she’s really good at the Internet. She’s achieved viral success from her satirical music videos (such as “Boy Is A Bottom”) on YouTube. Willam loves to make people giggle inappropriately, and her favorite style choice is the Disco Short.


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oh my god

i ship louise and logan


imagine teenage louise with her super cool college boyfriend.

imagine them causing chaos together. imagine all that underage drinking.

imagine them getting married when Louise is 21 so they can both drink at the wedding because Louise will not stand for it otherwise.

imagine Louise taking over the restaurant as the chef with her dad and Logan works there as the waiter/cashier

imagine them with obnoxious children

i am dead


Yeah Teen Louise has a harem that’s a thing.

Anonymous asked: have u ever smoked weed b4


*looks at blog*

*looks at hands*

*hip hop music faintly playing in the distance*



Its really strange to think someone as powerful as nicki is vulnerable abt anything and seein her share that side of herself bein excited someone said a line that she dint need to worry about it is so cute

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